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October 24, 2006



Oh...........Robyn!! I thought you had it , your work is so amazing, please don't doubt your talent, because I know you know you got it......I am sure you got a big fan base going with this contest, and such a excellent thing for the resume........I mean you made it to 3 of 1,000 scrapbookers....WOW!! love ya, Staci


aww, don't feel so down,you did so good, I love all your entries, and better luck next time, you will have your day to shine, take care

Amy W.

phhffffttt! you will be in other contests...i see it now. the little time i hung around you i could tell you have that competing desire. :P your entry this round is FANTASTIC! Congrats on being 3rd...that's amazing and i'm sure there are many that wished they were there. major hugs girlie! ;>



I think your entries were wonderful and you did an amazing job on them. :) You got several of my votes! Congratulations on a job well done.



you are and will always be AMAZING!!

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