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December 13, 2006


Dale Anne

What FABULOUS work on this post!!!

All I want for Christmas this year is to be able to have my two adult kids home for the holidays (alas tho one will be in Montreal instead of here). And, I just wish world would work more at PEACE instead of fighting!!!
Have a FABULOUS holiday season Robyn!


BEAUTIFUL work my friend! As always! For Christmas, I want to be able to hear the Lord tell me what direction He wants me to go. To do His will, not mine. I know that I can't go wrong that way and that all will be great. Sometimes it's just so hard to know if it is Him talking, ya know??


i saw your LOs on peas this morning and i thought it was very nice! i also like the way you used those letters. i have some mm ones like those and they give you so much in the pack. you CAN use alot on LOs! i am usually pretty frugal with my letters stickers and i really don't need to be. LOL!

girl seriously, all i want for christmas is a waffle iron. so i can hook up some waffles for breakfast on sunday morning.

take care!


What a lovely layout and fantastic cards. All i want for Chrismtas is voucher for a back massage and manecure. Something to treat myself Left plenty of hints for OH to find but we will see if he picks them up or not.


Hi Robyn! All I want for Christmas is for my family to be healthy this year. We all got so sick last year and had a miserable Christmas. Love your cards and layout. They are amazing. Happy Holidays!


Aww to sweet!

All I want this Christmas is to be with my family (we will all be split up for the holidays taking different vacations) - Also some relaxation!! and then some scrapping toys (i'm not picky, lol..)

I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas! =)


It is sooo good to see somebody who is giddy just because! I just want to get through Christmas...enjoy family...I have been dealing with depression and would like to feel like myself again!!! Love all of your wonderful LO's...beautiful work!


LOVE those cards and tags...and the LO too, of course :) :)

All I want for Christmas is a little something scrappy! My stash is feeling a little old and tired ;)


Hey Robyn! Just stoppin' by! So excited to be working with you at Scrap-Tastic! My Christmas Wish this year is just to be with my niece, my grandparents who are flying in from AZ, and all of my other family!!

kristi livingstone

I want a new lens for my camera! that would be sweet! your work is gorgeous!


Girl your work AMAZES me. I want love peace and happiness for all. Oh and lots of scrap goodies to go along with that. joking...

Robyn I hope that you have the best holiday season EVER. Enjoy
Hugs girlfriend:)


You are simply AWESOME girlfriend! I love the layouts!! I hope you and your family have a safe and happy holiday!

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