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March 19, 2007



Holy man, Robyn!
What an awesome opportunity.
Am totally jealous.

Rachel C

WOW, Robyn!! That is one amaaaaazing opporutunity!! I think that woman is just incredible and completely brilliant!!
SO awesome you got the chance to see her in person!!! :)


Found your blog through 2peas. Your layouts ARE awesome. I'll be back when I have a little more time to browse through your work!


Good for you Robyn! I am jealous too.


Wow, what an amazing experience for you! I'm humbled by her work, her thoughts, and her service. What an honor to have been in her presence.:) Btw, thanks for the blog shout out...I'm happy to be able to direct people here so they can see your talented work. :)

Amy W.

you lucky ducky! i would LOVE to see/hear that woman in person! ;>


I have heard her in person and she is an amazing woman. You do feel in the mist of royalty :-)

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