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March 31, 2007


Tressa  (scrapbookbutikk)

Just found your blog! (link from creative expressions) Wow you are so talented! I was also excited to read your DD goes to Mizzou. Just moved from KC to Norway and I am homesick! Keep up the excellent work! Thanks for sharing!


i have been a bridesmaid moe than once. more than my fair share for real. ope all goes well!


Hmmmm. You really do look for the bright side, Robyn. It would take a lot to get me excited about a bridesmaid dress.

Rachel C

Oh, how fun!!!!!!!!! That's awesome, Robyn!!! Hopefully the dress will be nice! :)

And there is NO WAY you are over 40, no way!!! You look amazing! :)

Lisa D. will make a wonderful bridesmaid, regardless of size or age...congrats to both you and your friend!


Oh I bet you will be the best looking go girl and have fun...Have a blessed Easter weekend and week to come. regina


Totally love your work. And congrats on your new position. You are right, we do odd things for our friends.

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