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May 17, 2007



OH MY GOODNESS YOU ALL LOOK ALIKE...I also have a few graduations this year: lets see

benjamin from kindergarten
jamal from middleschool
ebony from elementary

and me from insanity .....he he he, just a little joke there....

hey did i tell you i quite one of my design just got to be to much..i will tell ya all about it when i get more time..have a good weekend.


Awww. You're such a proud Mama. Love it!

Jamie G

Robyn So happy for your dd. What great photo of such a GREAT memory.

Luv Ya girl


Congrats! You must be soooo proud!

Amy Wilges

Yay for Brit! tell her CONGRATS from me! :) Also....squeeze Michael for me too. teehee ;)

Lisa D.

Congrats Robyn on your graduates...i know you must be the proud Mom!! love the photos!

Wendy Malichio

Robyn you must be SO proud! Love the photos!! Huge congrats to both of them (and to mom!!!)



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