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June 21, 2007


Michele Kovack

That is totally awesome! I am so happy that your son had such a great day! Even the so called "little" things are HUGE milestones! I know cuz I scrapped a page about my daughter learning to curse. (As you probably know she has mental impairment due to Cerebral Palsy) It was such a huge thing for her and us because speech is such an issue!


Such sweetness!

Sandi Minchuk

Those are some great shots! Looks like you guys had fun!

Lisa D. glad you had a great time...


Wow! That definatlely sounds like a wonderfully blessed day! I love going to the zoo. They have so many great photo ops with all the flowers and plants and such *grin* So glad I found your blog. You're work is awesome!!


Go Michael!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah for him! That is truely wonderful! Beacuse, I understand some phobias and they can be crippling, so for him to get over it on his own and at his age is a wonderful thing! You are truely a wonderful Mother too, you take the time to assist him in all that he does, and you are exactly who he was supposed to be with. Congrats again!


I am so glad that you had a good day!


what a cutey, he looks like he is just so much fun and one that keeps you BUSY......regina

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