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June 19, 2007



Hang in there! Hope things start looking up soon.


Another batch of cute layouts! I've not seen those papers irl, they do look fun!! Hope you are feeling better soon, I know how stress can play with a body (and I'm sure you think it looks worse than it really does!)



Hey Robyn! Thanks for visiting my blog. I came over to check you out. ;) Awesome stuff! Your work is always just bursting with color. LOVE it!!!


Love the Swimmer Girl LO. That color combo works.


these summer layouts are just so the yellow and blue.....okay so your eye is all puffey and stuff, well we just got back from disneyland for a few days and my eye, butt, back, leg, arm.....not to mention a tan and Lord knows I don't need that.......are all MISPLACED AND in so much blessed. (smile) regina


oh yeah by the way your design team list is GROWING...........(SMILE) regina


Ohhhhh NO! SO sorry you're stressin' and that your body isn't treating you right. I hope you're back to normal soon. Take a break girl---go buy some shoes or something!
These are gorgeous layouts RObyn!

Michele Kovack

I can totally poor girl! I usually just break out when I get stressed....which is often! I guess I try to ask myself, "What is the worst thing that can happen? Or what are you really afraid of?" Get to the root of your stress! I'll be thinking about ya!


your layouts are lovely. Sorry that things are so stressful for you at the moment but like your mom says "This too shall pass". I love that quote.


WOW, once again...I am wowed by your scrapbooking!

Wendy Malichio

got to love that stress eh! I've been having lots of fun issues to deal with too I hear you! It will pass though, I live by that saying!!! LOVE these new layouts, just amazing as always!!

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