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July 13, 2007


Terri C

I wish you a great Birthday! Enjoy your alone time! And also you look great at 43 : )


Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!


Happy Birthday!!! Birthdays should be "All About Me" days..enjoy your day and your time!


Melissa Phillips

Happy, Happy Birthday Robyn! I hope you have the day of your dreams--you deserve it!


Happy Birthday Robyn. Hope it is all you want it to be. Wishing you many more.

Kelly S.

I hope your birthday is delightfully busy with everything YOU love to do! :-)


Happy birthday, Robyn!

And. . . be selfish.
You deserve it, girl.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ROBYN HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU .......... I hope you get your chance to just sit and do nothing even if it is just for an hour............many blessings to you and here's looking forward to another 43years........regina


Happy Birthday!

Lisa D.

I hope your Birthday was all it could be and more!!! Enjoy!


Happy birthday to you, sounds like you've got a perfect day planned!!

Amy W.

awww Robyn, girl i hope your day was ALL about you! you are NOT 43!!!! you have more spunk and you soooo don't show your age...luv Ya! ;)


Happy birthday Robyn! (un, a day late...hee hee!)

Stacy Armstrong

Happy Happy (Belated) Birthday Greetings to you!! Hope you enjoyed your special day!!

Michele Kovack

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! MAybe I will see you at CHA so I can give you a birthday hug! Hope you got some alone time!!!


Hey girl..happy belated!!! I am right behind you on the 23rd..I will be 33...well the 7th anniversarry of my 26th birthday!


" I'm only half as cute as I used to be, but I'm twice as smart, so I guess it's not a bad trade off!"

That is awesome! I will definitely have to remember that one! Happy Birthday Robyn!! Hope you have a fabulous day!


Not so patiently waiting for the Birthday update :-)

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