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July 19, 2007



Yay!! Congrats on your awards Robin, that's fabulous!! Wish I was going to CHA (it's practically in my backyard!) so we could meet!! Enjoy!!


stacy armstrong

Congrats on the Blogger Awards! And I will raise my hand and proudly say, "I love Sizzix" . The sale at Creative Xpress is awesome. I just bought a few more. Even if I don't use them much for LO's, the kids love them and they make me the coolest class Mom!!


thanks so much girl for the THINKER award.....I THINK you are just fab......I will post on my blog later tonight those I want to award this honor....regina


Thanks for the Rockin' Blogger Girl award, Robyn! You're one sweet chickie! ;)

Wendy Malichio

Robyn you are just one of the sweetest, most fun ladies ever, thank you for THINKing of fun is this!! Right back to you girl!!


Girl I can not believe I am just now seeing this.........THANKS for thinking of me YOU are the sweetest soul I know:)

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