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July 23, 2007



It was a great time wasn't it.

I can't wait for alot of the new stuff to come out either. I still haven't downloaded my pictures.

It was great finally "meeting" you. Can't wait unil we hang out again.


LOL You know I love these pics...I will be needing my copies! LOL I had a wonderful time too!!!


So glad you've has such a great time at CHA!! So jealous.. hehe!!! Love the pictures!!! XOXO


I bet you had a blast! I wish I knew you were going to be so close! ((hugs))

emily (justem)

It was so fun to meet you Robyn! I had a great day!! Though I must say...I can't believe you put THAT photo on your blog! My four chins are angry with you!! ;)


Did ya get my note? I tried really hard to meet up with you....maybe next time!


looks and sounds like a great time!! I am so jealous!!


You rock, Robyn!

I swear that after you left on Saturday, I just walked around telling Em how I couldn't believe how awesome you are!

Wendy Malichio

So glad you had a good time Robyn! I was so excited to see you and Val stop by, I wish I had more time (always say that!) but maybe next time we can have lunch and just hang...I cherished the few minutes we did have together though!!!



SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo jealous, so glad you are home safe and that you had an awesome time


I am so happy that you had a great time! I am so jealous. I hope you join you all next year. I've already warned DH. :)

Valerie Salmon

You have got to be the most hilarious scrapper I have ever met! Are you sure we aren't twins? I enjoyed every minute with you. Love you! :D

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