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July 02, 2007


Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen

Yeah!! I'm so excited to be the RAK winner! Thank you so much! Love your new scraptabulous space! My mom always used to make up words too. Or she would learn a big word and purposely use it in the wrong way! My hubby tells me that this fall we will finish the basement so I can get my own craft room!! I can't wait! Thanks agin for your generosity!


Congrats. I am glad to see you got it done. Enjoy your new space :-)


Enjoy your new space. Love your wall word.


Go girl!!!! So when am I coming over??? I work nights so I can stop by late after everyone is gone to sleep! LOL Cool space, congrats again.


FABULOUS space! I love the word Fabulous, use it a ton! Enjoy creating in your new studio, can't wait to see what ya make!!



Congrats on the wonderful work space! Love your word wall too, fabtabulous! I was tagged today and picked my favorite blogs, which means you have been tagged, I am sorry ahead of time but I so admire your work and am new to the blog world. Have a wonderful 4th, love your blog and creations!

Michele Kovack

What a lucky gal you are!!! Fabulous! Hey, just wanted you to know that I got sorta kinda published on a website...? Cortney's swearing page made it as the Featured Layout for ScrappinTrends!

Sandi Minchuk

Enjoy your new scrappy space! I miss you, girl!


Congrats on your scrappy space! It is Scraptabulous!

Jennifer Stewart

Looks great, Robyn!! And I LOVE that flower from Michael. :)



Ooh!!! It's Scraptabulous!!!

kori babb

wow! what a great space robyn!


Your space looks wonderful...I can see you spending hours in it, however I wonder if it will stay that Mine is always a disaster even when its clean. :)


Wow, Robyn!
Looks perfect!


Wow, Robyn!
Looks perfect!

Stacy Armstrong

This is a wonderful scrap studio!!! The wall is to die for!

Susan from Louisiana

Hi Robyn,

This is my first time to your blog. Your work is just beautiful...more like incredible! I used to scrap and had my own room. It's been a few years now, and we've moved since then.

Just looking at your layouts makes me want to get in my attic and start taking those boxes and boxes and boxes down filled with so many awesome papers, etc.

One day...

God bless you!


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