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July 09, 2007



So glad you are enjoying your new space! It is amazing how much you can get done when things are more organized LOL!!

Love the crayon box too, how cute that will be for your students!!



Glad you are enjoying your new space. I love it when everything is in it's place.

Guess what, I will be going to CHA. Since I missed meeting you at CKC-St. Louis, maybe I'll catch you at CHA.


hi girl, sure do miss ya! love your space you have...lucky you! i have an opportunity to go to CHA but not sure if i am going or not yet. if i do i will look you up! ;) {hugs}

Stacy Armstrong


This is wonderful! They are going to Love this! {lucky students} I've MUST MUST MUST get my scrappy studio cleaned up and organized. (its "artsy organized" right now :0) ) You've inspired me. Now if only I can get a few days off.......Hmmmm(when would that be....LOL)


Okay, this project is way too cute. Your students must love you :-)


Love your new space and this crayon box you made. Totally cute!


BOLD, BRIGHT & FUN, can I go to class too?...big smiles! Love your scrappy space, just finished mine this summer too and makes ALL the difference for me too...hmmm, funny how that works.


Okay I was really beginning to feel so bad because I visit your site daily for a FIX, and you hadn't posted anything in the last day or so.......yes i need a fix everyday from you I wanted to say about this crayon box that GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE, but I am not as GREAT AS YOU, so I couldn't use that I will just say that I must of been reading your mind because believe it or not for one of my design teams I needed to do a back to school theme and I was going to use the crayon my project will be that much more awesome because i followed you.....(smile) Have a blessed night...regina

Michele Kovack

What a cute box! I am not nearly as good to my students....LOL! I really need to clean again...a tornado has struck my scrap room!


Ok, this is adorable! I may just have to make something like this for my kids to take back to school in their backpacks when they start this month! Adorable!


LOVE THESE!!!!! So glad your new space is working out so well. i wish I could get mine organized so I could say the same. I spend all of my time organizing and reorganizing :P Hope you're enjoying the summer ;)

Wendy Malichio

Robyn this is such an amazing idea! How cute and so darn creative!! Also wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Hope your day is the best ever!!

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