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August 14, 2007



Thanks for the info!!!!! LOVE the new LO!!!! Awesome work!!! Beautiful as always!


Great layout Robyn!


Urgh. I cannot even imagine how hot it must be.

Hang in there!


So sorry to hear about the heat and NO power, ugh! LOVE the layout of Brittany, so photogenic and beautiful; easy to scrap that smile huh?

Angela Daniels,

Wow- wonderful work you have here! Love this layout!


I love that layout. So well done.


Girl!!!!!!!!!!! Stop! It is too hot to be without power...Well, I am glad you are back in business, I know that had to be a pain, and having to go to work too! YUCKKY!!

Stacy Armstrong

Oh I hate those power outages.... Last one we had DH had to be at the airport early in the morning so I stayed up and watched the clock so he would get enough sleep and wouldn't miss his flight.......Now that's true love, right? lol! Love your DD LO.......she's a beautiful young lady.

Stacy Armstrong more thing.......Just wanted to say I'm terribly sorry and upset to hear about the **drama**.
You now rank up their with Monet and Picaso having your art stolen!!
You have a lot of good friends who support you and helped expose the truth! That made me smile! Hugs!!

kori babb

oh man...i didn't know your power went out! YUCK! glad to hear it's up and running again. now that it isn't so hot. ha ha gorgeous layout!

Sandi in FL

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!! "Bloom" is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! It also just inspired me to do another butterfly... doing a LO now that needs it. LOL So, don't be surprised when you see it... not the same you used, but inspired by you anyway! :D HUGS!

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