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September 28, 2007



What profound words, I like what Grandma use to say. Oh! the layouts are beautiful as always.

Ronda S.

Fantastic LO's Robyn!! And yes, she is beautiful!!! I love what Grandmas says too! You can learn alot from those powerful words. My grandpa was the same way, a man of few words, but when he did speak it was something to learn from. I just love your blog Robyn!!


Don't worry, we are all still here! I check your blog pretty regularly, but if you don't post, that is ok! Sometimes life just takes over, and blogging is really just supposed to be for fun! BTW, your layouts are gorgeous as always! How is school going?


Your LO's are gorgeous..And so is your blog


Great layouts! So pretty. Glad you are out of your mood!


beautiful layouts Robyn! No worries on the blog...I'm happy to read whenever you get time, and you are right (so was Grandma), it's good to be quiet sometimes!


Andrea A

Beautiful blog entry,Robyn...for the thoughts and words and layout peeks! You never cease to amaze! :)


Great Layouts, I have missed your Inspiration, I have gone like a month without blogging, so I know what you mean, great to have you back :)


Dawn Knapp

As always Robyn...your layouts are gorgeous!


Beautiful as ever, Ms. R!

regina easter

Wow, these are both so BEAUTIFUL Robyn.....regina

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