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November 09, 2007



Happy Birthday to your baby!! Isn't it wonderful how God blesses you with surprises in life?!



Just dropping by to wish Michael a Happy Birthday, hope it was a fun one Michael....


Happy birthday to your sweet Michael! He is the cutest little boy!!!!


Happy Birthday to Michael! I love your card! Beautiful!

Melissa Phillips

What a beautiful card Robyn---lovely as usual girl.
And, happy birthday to your little fellah---hope he had a wonderful day.

Jen Blackwell

Hope he had a great birthday! This is my mom's bday too - aren't us Scorpios the best? LOL He is so handsome Robyn!


WHITE OUT......girl you are crazy.....but hey it looks, our sons are the same little Benjamin turned 6 in May.....your boy looks older then 6......well anyways I see that you are still crankin in that awesome work you do girl..........LET ME GO SEE IF I GOT SOME WHITEOUT....he he he regina


I know what you girls are 15, 11, and 3!!! Little Sydney was a SURPRISE...but what a wonderful one!!!!

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