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November 26, 2007


Melissa Phillips

Ohhhh this is BEAUTIFUL Robyn! Love your adorable banner too---hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Patty Tanúz

wowowowow, new banner, new ornaments, wowowow, all I like a lot!!!!!! congrats!

Andrea Amu

Beautiful ornaments and blog header!

And, for the record...the days are too short! I don't get most of my lists accomplished either!

Laurie Star

Ooh - good attitude! I am learning that myself. I am such a list-maker!


beautiful ornaments Robyn! I love your philosophy too, I need to tell myself that it's ok if I don't accomplish it all...tomorrow is another day!


Ronda S.

Gorgeous Ornaments, Robyn!! Oh, and I know what you mean about the time thing!


That ornament is so pretty.. love the flourished glitter. Pretty new holiday banner too!


gorgeous ornaments Robyn!!!!!


I just ADORE these ornaments!!! So pretty!!!!

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