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May 27, 2008


Angela Magnuson

I just want to sit here and CRY! I don't know this family, or their baby angel girl -but as a mothers, my heart just ACHES for them! My prayer is that you find the words, strength and love to spread to all the people in your life that need that from you right now. In my thoughts, Robyn.

Nancy Grant

I am sorry to hear about the loss of your student. Prayers indeed.

~Nancy Grant

Your card is gorgeous.

Barb N.

Oh, Robyn. I'm so sorry to hear this.
Hang in there, my friend.


So sorry to hear this Robyn---I know that the love and devotion you have for your students is something I want my little one to have in a teacher---you're wonderful! Big hugs--enjoy your summer vacation.
This card is ADORABLE!

Amy W.

how terribly sad, Robyn. :( my heart goes out to her family and YOU!

love the card! ;)

Ronda S.

Thinking of you, Robyn!!! I pray strength for you and peace for the family during this time! Love your card, and I agree, Valerie is amazing! Take care girl! :)



In the seven years I've been at my current school, we have buried two students. It is dreadfully hard. You have my sincere sympathy as you work through this both for yourself and with your students.


Hey Fellow Alumni! I'm sorry to hear about the lost of your student. My thoughts are with the family and you. On a happier note, enjoy you summer and I hope you get lots of scrapping done.

Kelly S.


From one teacher to another, cyber hugs and prayers. You and your school family are in my prayers.

Kelly in Ohio


So sorry to hear your news Robyn. Sending hugs!


Oh, Robyn, that is horrible news. I am so sorry you and your students had to go thru something like that. {{{HUGS}}}

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