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June 19, 2008


Jacki Jones

oh my, that IS shameful that you are buying votes with the promise of a prize... so if I vote everyday, will my name get put in everyday?? (wink)

Karen Raymond

I voted for your layout-I LOVE IT!!!


You know I voted for you. The layout is too stinkin cute. Love the idea of using letter stickers for flowers. good luck in the contest.

Your 2 page layout is really cute. Your son is so handsome.


I voted for you! But I would have voted for yours even if you hadn't asked! :)

Dawn Knapp

You know I voted for you! I'm a huge fan of yours!! Good luck. =)


Girl you got my vote....Had to come say Hello, Miss you...:)


Oh girl...I'm not so sure this is fair. But you sure have got a lot of votes already. Good luck.

Ronda S.

I registered and voted for ya, girl!!! I'll try to vote everyday! Love your double-pager by the way! Awesome!

Lynne Mann

You really didn't have to persuade me much. I think that your LO is wonderful and the added bonus of being in a drawing and possibly adding even more to my stash...WHY NOT!! As always, I admire your work!

Karen Raymond

Voted again! I really love your work and try to visit your blog several times per week!


LOL Robyn...I'm just as shameless, 'cause you've got my vote...but I voted for you yesterday too before the "incentive"--:)AnnaD

 Christine Jensen

Adorable Layout Robyn!!! I LOVe it! You got my vote!

Suz Gray

Love your card and layouts - I voted for you yesterday and today...

Linda D

Love all your work and yes I have voted for you 2x now and will some more.

The Gov.

Just placed my vote for your adorable lo!

Trish Adams

I voted for you!! beautiful work!!

Audrey Pettit (APet)

Oh my gosh, Robyn! I just found your blog through the inspireME site, and man are you GOOD!! I mean, you are GOOD!

Staci Compher

sweet page!! just voted....for you...good luck!!!


Girl, you know I always have your back! FABULOUS LO!!!! I will be shocked if you don't win! Hopefully I will get into the finals some week and you can "repay" me.... otherwise it looks like I will be driving 8 hours to use you for a babysitter - LOLOLOL!!!


I voted for do amazing work!!!

Stephanie Hargis

Well of course I voted for you! Your page was absolutely gorgeous! :D Good luck! I will continue to vote!


I did! I did! :)

Cyndi Bundy

I absolutely LOVE your 2-pager...the use of the circle stamps is perfect! I am off right now via your link to go vote for your awesomeness!!

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