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July 03, 2008



hey girl, how are you doing..........still poping out great, awesome stuff i just rock and rock sista....well i got an award on my site for ya.......go check it out...hugs.


How cool!! Well I'll just pass that along to our customers when I post. Happy early birthday my friend!! You deserve all good things!

Lynne Mann

As usual, great LO!! Happy early Birthday to you! My favorite birthday of past was when my husband and 3 sons gave me the entire day to be alone and do whatever I wanted to do.


First I love your page!! I would like to be on your email list! You do beautiful work.
I sure would love to win the trophy as my granddaughter will be in her first ALL STAR game. Funny she is real tiny and she is the catcher haha.
I have had a lot of dear things for my birthday but I guess what stands out the most to me is tootsie rolls. Sounds funny but my dad would give me some type of tootsie rolls along with a gift every year for my B-day. He is gone to be with the Lord now but the memory still lingers And I still have the last tin that had tootsie rolls in it. I try to put it out every year to remember. My sister tries to get me one now every year because she knew how much it meant to me. Memories of the heart mean everything. God Bless!


Oh, wow! Your altered trophy is so COOL! Love the fun tickets!
What a clever idea!! What size is it??

Ronda S.

Hey girl!! That trophy is awesome! Love what you did with it! And a BIG HAPPY early BIRTHDAY to YOU!!! Hope you have one heck of a day!! Take care!


My best gift ever was sent by my Uncle Joe on my 11th birthday. Uncle Joe's birthday is the day before mine and he was blind. I had been in a play that day and came home to a telephone telegram from Uncle Joe. It made me feel like a star, so special. To my knowledge no one else in my family had ever received a telegram! I also received on that day a chocolate cake several layers high with chocolate frosting, that I got every year from Mrs. Robinson who had been my pre-school baby sitter. She sent one ever year that she lived. Thanks for asking me to remember! QP

Susan Westberg

Hi Robyn! I think the best birthday gift I ever got, and get every year, is a little fist full of lilacs. Luckily, my birthday lands in May when the lilacs, which are my favorite flower, are in bloom. Brea picks me enough to put in a purple antique jar I have ... I just love that it's now a tradition. :)


Hi Robyn! Beautiful work you do, we share a common interest with altered art! May you have a blessed Birthday on the 13th and enjoy YOUR day! TTFN

jenny holiday

Hi Robyn!
So happy to have found your blog! (through say it with letters) I love your take on the trophy cup!! Really fun! Doesn't hurt having such an adorable star to work with! ;)

I'll be sure to pop in often! Happy Creating!

Happy Summer!
xoxo Jenny

Amy W.

wowzers Robyn! i love this creation! i could so use one of those trophies for my soccer guy. :)

i think my bestest gift for my birthday was when my kiddos went and made hand and foot prints and they were framed. i had never had anything made personal for me like that and i cherish them. :) hope you have a wonderful birthday!!! (hugs)

Jen H

I love to alter, so I'd love a chance to pretty up the trophy. Plus it's my bday today - the 9th :-)


That's a really cute trophy. I love it. Your blog is adorable too.

My best birthday gift has to be the purple trike that my parents special ordered for me when I was 4 years old. I can't believe that I still remember that.


How fun! You did a great job with it!

Regina Jones

you do gorgeous work girl!!! I hope you have a very HAPPY birthday!

My best birthday gift was a special trip my mom planned for us to go on all alone. We went for a whole weekend just us girls, I was 10. With my bday falling 3 days after Christmas we didn't do alot alone usually. So this meant the world to me.


I love what you did with the cute!!!

jane rogers


Wow such a very cool trophy !! I have a little miss who just finished her swimming lessons this year !!!!

Ok bestest bday gift from my 2 little girls that they made with LOTS of love and of course all the snuggles that go with it !!


Happy birthday to you !!

kelli smith

I just saw this on the blog and loced it. Guess another order goes in for me!

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