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August 11, 2008


Kelly S.

Sorry to hear about your wisdom tooth extraction making you a bit out of it... make sure you follow the doctor's directions. I didn't (was sixteen and thought I knew better) and regretted it later.

Kelly in Ohio

Ronda S.

LOVE your album!!!! So fun and fabulous!!!!
Hope you get to feeling better. I hate getting wisdom teeth out, yuck!

Christine (Craftling)

That album is gorgeous! And so are your family. :D

Hope you'll soon feel better, and enjoy the rest of your week.

Chris xx


Oh Robyn! You make me wanna scrap girl! I should lock myself in my room today.

Your album is GOr-geeeeee-ous!

Amy W.

luuuuvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv that album girl! bummer about your tooth pain. :( hope your better soon. {hugs}


What a fabulous album! Hope you feel better- getting teeth extracted is never fun :(


ooooooooo girl i saw this on express is delicious....oooooooo


Wow, Robyn, this is sooooo pretty!

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