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August 01, 2008



Hi, Robyn.. I love your beautiful layouts and your cards! And I love it that you're a teacher and love your vocation so much! I wish I had chosen that profession. 20/20 hindsight is a wonderful thing! :o)

Have a wonderful new year at school. Be blessed!

Heather xx

Laurie in MN

Hi Robyn,

Your students are fortunate to have an enthusiastic teacher. The positive excitement that you show your students is reflected in their attitude toward the new school year.
The first layout ofy our daughter is really nice. The design doesn't distract from the photo of your beautiful daughter.

The expression on your sons face is priceless and your daughter obviously agrees since she looks like she is getting a kick at how cute he looks.

Today, the stamps came in the mail. I never expected the Unity Stamps to be so large. I had forgotten to ask you to make some cards or layouts using the stamps so I would have some winning examples to copy. Black stains on stamps just shows how much they are enjoyed.

Thank you so much for the stamps.



Amy W.

hey dear friend! i received that awsome "trophy" today and am eager to alter it! thank you so very much.

have fun with the start of a new (school) year! ~hugs


Love all the new projects. I am really starting to get into the glitter letters. BTW, it is so refreshing to find a teacher who truly loves what they do. Hope you and your students have a wonderful year.

Andrea Amu

I can't believe you start back to school sooo early! That's really wonderful that you enjoy your teaching... does make it so much easier to get up and moving in the morning. And you are right, it IS important to love what you do. I wish I could be in-tune to what it is I'd really like to be doing career-wise.

Great projects here... looks like a fun kit to be working with!


School already?! Wow! Your students are so lucky - I'm sure they must love you! Beautiful work on those cards. I especially love the crown one. :)

Lisa D.'s that time of year already ?!?!?...lovin' the cards:-)


Hey there girl! I appreciate you stopping by my blog, so I could come check yours out too! I hope that your summer has been great. What a blessing to do a job you love and be able to teach others! I hope your school year goes really well and that it goes smoothly with tons of laughter, positiveness, and growth!


Oh Wow!! Your work is always soo impressive!

Nancy van den Berg

OH wow.. gorgeous new creations Robyn! Love all of them.. you definitely rocked this kit! Just can't believe that summer is already over.. time really went by waaaaay too fast this year huh?? XOXO


Beautiful work Robyn - Your work is always so inspirational!!!

When you have a minute I have something for you over at my blog!



Oh, I just tagged you on my blog.

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