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December 07, 2008





This mini album is GREAT!!!! I love it! I really need to do something like this! Thanks for the inspiration!


I LOVE this!! So fabulous!! WOW!

Heidi Erickson

Absolutely beautiful.

Laurie in MN

I love everything about the scrapbook. The color combinations are what I love. The tree with buttoms is so cute. Your students are going to love, love, love making this project.

The colors match the heading on top of your blog. :O)

Do you often have the opportunity to teach classes?


FABulously FUN! I just discovered your your sense of style!


Oh Robyn!!! I love picked some GREAT pictures too...what a wonderful thing to keep and show your grandkids one day!!! HUGS!!


This is amazing!!!! Wish I was i n your class!!!!


oh robyn....girl i love your album...well heck i love everything you do...


You did a fabulous job Robyn! Love your photos - Beautiful album!!!


Beautiful album, Robyn!

Laurie in MN

How did the move go for Erica? Is she settled into her new apartment? Did she fill her kitchen with food from your kitchen? My SIL said she would come home and her pantry would be partially bare because one of her kids would stop in wile she was at work. LOL

Is Michael enjoying school?


This is absolutely stunning!!! Sure to be a treasure forever!

Christine Jensen

This is gorgeous Robyn!

Linda Beeson

The details on your project are just amazing!

kristy c.

this is stunning! i love it!


Robyn, this is phenomenal!!

BTW, I gave you an award on my blog....go check it out! :)

Ellen Smith


tanisha long

Robyn, this is so pretty! I love the bright, cheery colors!


Love this album, Robyn!! The colors are fantastic!! Is spring in the air??? (smiles)

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