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June 23, 2009


Nicki (CSS)

Great layout Robyn! And you know sometimes submitting is the biggest part, the only thing you really need to do is let go and let God have control-BIG things will happen when you B(elieve) I(n) G(od) :) Happy Tuesday!


Robyn, I LOVE it!!!! Cute home and layout!!!


That is just beautiful!!

I'm not sure what you're talking about either, but I'll keep you in my thoughts.


I love this Robyn! A gorgeous layout!!

I'm not sure what is happening in your life but I have faith that things will be okay! Take care of yourself!


hum, well any ride that the Lord decides to take us well worth the ride....just imagine...all of his REWARDS ARE start looking at it that way my friend....lovely house and layout...hugs


Fabulous page. Love all of the texture. Enjoy your adventure.

Angela W

Very cute layout! I love their papers! Get ready for whatever it is coming up and remember that everything happens for a reason! ;)

Tara Prince

Great layout! Cute house! I will keep you in my thoughts for whatever is coming your way!


I love this page, Robyn, and your home. :o)

Trusting that the journey God has you on will bring you bountiful blessings.

Chris xx


What a cute house, Robyn. I love your yard.

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