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October 19, 2009



I just Love, Love, Love the Snowy Serenade line. Its just beautiful.

Teri M.

I love the Love Bandits line, super cute.


I love the Snowy Serenade! Beautiful paper.


Love Bandit is my fave!!

But they are all great!!

Thx for a chance to win some goodies :)

Denise Wells

Love Bandits line has to be my favorit! I love everything matching together. I can not pick a single thing.

Denise Wells


I love that little Raccoon in the Love Bandit line - how cute!


Yep I love that Love Bandit too!! Wouldn't it be Super Cute with some Unity Stamps too!!! We need to get these two great companies together!!! I love the Snowy one too! They are all three great!

Jacqueline N

My fav has got to be the Love Bandit creature - he is adorable. Thanks for the chance to win!


Love Bandit makes me smile :). I especially like the scalloped paper and the journaling spots - SO CUTE! Thanks so much for the chance to win!


I'm caught between Love Bandit and Persuasion....I'm equally in love ♥ -- the Love Bandit line has some cute stamps and stickers though!


I love the little critter in Love Bandit! It is adorable!

Kerri  Norrod.

I love the snowy serenade line. It usually does not snow where I live in Texas, but I want that collection. The papers are beautiful and the embellishments match the paper.

Mandie Wade

Finally a designer who also loves LOVE BANDIT :) I need to own those papers, like yesterday! Just as I say, gee I really need to use up some of my papers before I buy anything new, along comes this adorable new line that I MUST have!!! *sigh* I need a cheaper hobby, LOL!


I love all 3 lines but I would really love to get my hands on Snowy Seranade! Thank you for offering a RAK!

Heather R

I love the rubons and CS stickers


Love bandit!!!!
Super cute!
Viji Fiskateer#5858


All three of the new collections are gorgeous!! I think I am loving Love Bandit most but we'll see if that changes when I get my hands on them! Happy Monday to you!! xx


I can't wait to start Christmas, however, I've been shot by Cupid's arrow and the Love Bandit won! My brain is already creating:) Have a great week!



I'm totally loving the Love Bandit line right now. How could you not love that racoon! Thanks =)

angie contreras

my favorie is the love bandit it is just adorable.


I am loving me some love bandit! Thank you for a chance to win!


Love all three lines but my favorite is probably Snowy Serenade!

Fiona Beckman

I love that diecut sheet from the Snowy Serenade sheet.... but we rarely get snow here, so I wouldn't have any photos to do it justice ;)


Oh how I LOVE Snowy Serenade...they're all 3 cute but it's my favorite! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

cheryl yelverton

I thought LOVE BANDIT was my fave but it might be PERSUASION... Decisions Decisions... ms.cheryl

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